Confused about ASCAP fees (on behalf of client)

Sorry, I’m sure this has been asked and answered plenty, but I didn’t see the information I need, and my client wants an answer. I used a couple of Audio Jungle tracks in a video for a recent corporate conference. ASCAP has contacted my client–she has an ASCAP account–and is asking for payment. How can I find out if the tracks I used are part of the ASCAP library? Are any Audio Jungle tracks part of ASCAP? Sorry, I really don’t know how this works. I thought if I paid for the Audio Jungle music I used in a video project, that was the end of the transaction. Thanks.


Actually this has not been asked and answered plenty. This is quite a rare occurrence that has barely come up in these forums.

As most buyers use music in videos, this issue rarely comes up. However, conferences are indeed public performances and may require the payment of performance royalties.

The track doesn’t have to be registered with ASCAP, as they may collect royalties on behalf of foreign PROs.

You can check for the track’s PRO status on the right sidebar on the item page.


Thanks, PF. Since Purple is the color of “royalty,” I have to assume you know what you’re talking about! :slight_smile:

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You can read more about PRO registered music in the help section:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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