Conflict Orvis/Jetpack portfolio <-> Laborator portfolio

My website was in Wordpress with theme Orvis (for portfolios). Orvis is no longer updated, so I changed to Kalium. Now I have problems with the portfolio.

  • I installed Kalium and plugins WP Bakery Page Builder and Portfolio Post Types.
  • In the WP menu is now a new ‘portfolio’. I made there one new item. I can’t open it online (404).
  • The (former) portfolio is still in the WP menu. Backend it’s caled jetpack-portfolio. When I make changes in Laborator → Theme options → Blog settings, it changes the display of all this portfolio-pages. It is working but not all the functions work.
    ** For example om my homepage I can’t make a selection using the categories. The selectionfield doesn’t fing the categories and doesn’t accept my suggestions.
    ** I can’t change the lay-out of portfoliopages (that I made before and) that filter output by categories, for example this one: Gefineerde meubels - Joep Slooten Meubels
    ** The photoslider is the Wordpress-one with the black border, I don’t like that.

What should I do? I think it’s best to switch to the new portfolio. But how do I get it work? And how can I delete the jetpack-portfolio?

Hi contact with your purchase item author @Laborator hope they will help

We found out what to do. In Jetpack we switched of the Jetpack portfolio ( Jetpack → Settings → Writing in your WordPress Dashboard → Portfolio option). After that the portfolio-item in the new portfolio became visible. So know we can customise the portfolio :slight_smile: Problem fixed!