Configurator for patches on caps

Hey guys,

since I am totally new in E-Commerce, I need your help to start my project: you all know the patches you put on your jeans when you were kids and had a hole in them, because you wanted to do a cool skateboard trick, but unfortunately you weren’t Tony Hawk.
I want to put these patches on a Cap/Jacket etc. So I need a configurator with a layer option. There is many on the market and I tried some T-shirt design plugins, but they can’t fulfill one special need: normally these design are used for print and so one clipart/image can be printed several times and has no stock. Patches are different. There are many which I only got one piece of, so I need to set a stock amount to each patch/design you can put on the cap/jacket etc.

Do you know if there is a plugin that can do that? I really hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a nice sunday

Hello Aron ,

I have made similar site and you can setup how many pieces you have on stock for each design.