Conditional Logic / Personalized Content Recommender Wordpress Plugin?

Hi, I’m looking for a Wordpress plugin or javascript code that will allow a site visitor to quickly choose certain things they are interested in, and based on what they choose, the grid of page choices below the “chooser” would dynamically populate with recommendations for which pages on the site they should visit.

There is a nice example on Scroll down a bit below the large menu, and you’ll see a section that says “To personalize your experience make selections in the fields below”, and below that, there is a conditional logic chooser sequence that says:

I am a [choose ‘girl’ / ‘guy’] who is [choose ‘in high school’ / ‘a high school graduate’ / etc] wanting to [choose ‘get career training’ / ‘get an education’ / etc] and [choose ‘utilize the latest tech’ / ‘serve my country’ / etc].

Based on the combination of options that you choose, it then shows you a few recommended pages on the site that you should visit based on what you chose in your combination of answers to that fill-in-the-blank question.

Is there a Wordpress plugin that can do this? Or perhaps some javascript code?

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

You can have it by custom work for sure. In case of interest, drop me an email:

Hi kb08807

Conditional Logic / Personalized Content Recommender Wordpress Plugin?

OK couple of things - not actually difficult to create as long as you can match the ‘I am’ to the content to display :slight_smile: but then I guess you will have thought of that:)

In ‘simple’ terms this may only work ‘once’ without some form of registration unless you implement say a cookie - or local storage to save the users choices that way you can/could recall the next time they visit without the need for registration. Downside, if they are using a public access computer … enough said.

Personally I would use a combination of javascript (jQuery cos it’s nice and easy) with some CSS transitions to animate the ‘re-population’

The ‘logic’ could be something as simple as ‘onchange’ this (say a select) either hide or show based on a class attribute - that way you can chain ‘multiple’ selects again based on a class you could use data-objects but that means a few extra lines of code. In total I don’t think it’s actually more than a few lines of code :slight_smile:

Shout if you need any help

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