Compressor emulations

Does anyone here make extensive use of any Fairchild 670 emulations for their mixing? I find myself using LA2A (Black Rooster) and FET (Black Rooster/PSP) most of the time, and a digital compressor (Toneboosters v4) for electronic stuff.

Just curious to know if it’s a big deal and I should make it a priority to get one. I have my eye on the Overloud one.


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@iwritemusic . Depending of its purpose, but i assume you are mostly use it as drum bus compressor or master bus compression. The best Fairchild 670 emulation is the Universal Audio one. La2a is an opto compressor, variable multi release type compressor. Great sound, not for bus or mix bus compressor. Same as FET. Way too agressive for that purpose.


Does anybody here use analog obsession plugins? I’m curious how they stack up against more well known brands.

Funny you mention that, I just downloaded and installed them all a few weeks ago, but when I saw the Black Rooster “all bundle” was $99 bucks I jumped on those without regrets and kind of forgot about the AE stuff.

All I can say so far is that they appear to be stable, and some of the interfaces are better than others in terms of quality, but I haven’t had a chance to do much with them yet.

If anyone wants a good, comprehensive set of freebies, check out the ToneBoosters V3 BusTools and TrackEssentials bundles which are available at the bottom of the Support page - they were just retired a few months ago in favor of the lovely V4 plugins which I consider the “poor person’s FabFilter” lol.



Thanks for that. I pretty much stick to classical and electronic stuff. The sample libraries are pretty easy to work with, but my synths are usually either too dull or they melt your ears off with the treble – they are almost never “just right”. So the dull ones I will run through the FET to liven them up, and the harsh ones I run through a tape machine or a pre-amp, although maybe I could use a VCA to tame those as well?

Still, it sounds like a 670 will be a good addition to the master bus to keep things from sounding too sterile.

Just as an aside, if there are other people here just learning to mix I highly recommend learning the analog gear, it’s really made a big difference for me in reducing the confusion and “paralysis through analysis” that comes from taking on too many options at once. Start out with the compressors (FET/VCA/Optical/VariMu), and then you can get into the EQs (Pultec, etc…) or Consoles (Neve/SSL/API) from there. If there’s anything approaching a universal language that all the people teaching mixing speak, it definitely is analog.