Compression / limiting on this track

Hello there,
first attempt in the orchestral rock genre. After confronting my track with others in the “rock” category, I pushed the Ozone limiter way harder.

I’ve tried to find a good balance between loudness and keeping the transients alive. Do you think it’s “too much”? Should I push a little back the limiter treshold, at least in the final chorus?


Hey Pietro,

Nice track, gives some Zepplin Vibes :slight_smile:

Its all subjective, & sometimes a crushed sound can give a track more ‘Oomph’ or could even give it more depth, so I reckon just let the track ride and see how it does, mastering is also very creative process & you could have just hit the mark :wink:

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Thanks, that was the vibe I was looking for :wink:

I’m happy about the final result but I fear that in the last chorus it looses definition. Maybe it’s just fine but I wanted a second opinion.

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