Composers, need your advice concerning personal portfolio

Hello, mates! :vulcan_salute:
Do you know, is it ok to use some famous game trailer for my own music? For example, if I get somewhere video trailer of latest “Starcraft”, stick it to my music, upload it to youtube and show it as a part of my portfolio. Will it cause some copyright strike? Have anybody tried to do it?


I’m not sure about automatic copyright strike, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. After all you’re taking someone else’s work (video/animation production) without authorization.
IMO is better if you search for Creative Commons videos to showcase your music.

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Don’t do it. Far better to search for cool public domain footage…check Vimeo… online video archives too. Nasa have some great stuff, there is a lot of great ww2 war and educational footage around too for example.

Failing that, I sometimes buy video from videohive for the purpose… it’s pretty good value and helps out fellow creatives :smiley:


You have yo use videos with accordind licence with the icon "cc"
you can try to find it on Vimeo


To answer your question: yes - you’ll likely get a copyright strike.

Also, creating modifications of other people’s work is still copyright infringement. You can create something that sounds similar, but lifting someone else’s audio and adding things to it isn’t ethical (unless of course you have permission from the copyright holder, etc.)

Thanks for your replies! You’ve confirmed my doubts.
Best regards!