Composer template not functioning at all


I have a problem with the COMPOSER theme. I used the already made template and uploaded it on the hosting server. Straight away it started malfunctioning. There were a lot of bugs in it (some chinese letters started appearing, some elements disappeared, etc). The host provider informed me that there was a virus in the template, but he could not remove it. We tried literally everything, and couldn’t remove the virus so until today the website doesn’t work. I am sending you my login data so that you can access the wp panel and try to solve the issue, as we tried everything and it doesn’t work.

I urge you to help me because the client I supposed to deliver the product is getting anxious by now, so I’m in a bit of a jam. And because i am in a jam, I will tag the author so that he could see my message asap - @Innwithemes (When you contact me, I will give you the access data to the website so that you can see it for yourself).

Thanks in advance!


Please contact us via our support forum or via our profile page


I tried to enter my purchase code but it won’t accept it. Iattached you the message I’m getting.

I sent you a direct message via support channel. Waiting for further instructions.



I also sent you my purchase code through direct support messaging channel.