Composer header not resizing responsively on mobile and table devices in landscape orientation

Hello I am having an issue with the composer theme for a particular clients website. The header displays correctly on devices in portrait orientation and on laptop and desktop. However, the menu does not display correctly on mobile and tablet devices. The menu items neither collapse into the burger icon or reduce inside instead fall onto two lines which in turn overlaps the first image on the page.

How do I resolve this so the menu will collapse rather than fall onto two lines?



Let’s tag the author of that theme @Innwithemes


Hi, please contact through our support forum our team will help you asap.

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Hi @Innwithemes - I have been searching all over your support page and there is absolutely nowhere to actually send you a question or even start a question on the forum! I desperately need help with making my site responsive on mobile. I’ve spent weeks finalizing my website on desktop and laptop and I have it exactly the way I want it, but it looks terrible on mobile so I can’t launch. Please, please, please help me - it is so frustrating!!!


Please goto and scroll down to bottom of the page you will see create topic form.