Composed My First Music To Picture

Hi everyone,

This week I composed my first bespoke music to picture for a TV show :slight_smile:

I have come a long way from when I first started on Audiojungle, a few years back - I knew next to nothing about composing for actual paying customers… but as time went by I gained more knowledge and understanding, which I have used here and outside of AJ ! I have gained so much from belonging to this community and I still have so much more to learn but I hope this will encourage new authors starting out.

Not bad for a middle-aged mum of two!!!


Yay - great news.

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Awesome, congrats Flossie! That is an impressive achievement indeed :sunglasses:

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Thanks Graham x

Thanks PFS! :wink: My next big step is moving from Reason to Logic!!!

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Congrats @FlossieWood, keep the show going! :wink:

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Thanks will do!!!

Congrats Flossie! Way to go! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike x

Nice to hear Flossie. Awesome achievement! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it was a brilliant experience! :slight_smile:

Not bad, indeed! Very well done. Be sure to keep us updated when it airs.

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That’s a huge achievement, congratulations! :smile: :tada:

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Well done!! Great achievement :wink:

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Thanks! I will :slight_smile:

Thanks, it feels great!!!

Thanks, I now need to get some more jobs in like that!!! x

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Congratulations Flossie :wink:

That’s so awesome Flossie! Did you get the opportunity through someone who came across your work on AudioJungle?

It is indeed an excellent achievement, regardless of age and children in my view!

I dare to say that your children are lucky because they have a creative and determined mother. Wish you lots of bespoke requests in the future.