Compliment The Author Above You...

Let’s all play a positive game:

Give a compliment to the author that commented above you. Whether it is something you like about their logo, the country they’re from, one of their items, or maybe something about their profile page, say something nice about it! So, if you want to get a compliment, you have to leave one first. Have fun and be authentic! Please don’t be passive aggressive or sarcastic. Let’s spread an attitude of optimism and positivity by complimenting and encouraging one another! Thank you!

Here we go!

Well, who is above us is Envato… So…
It truly seems the staff are genuinely positive and respectful people. Whether they’re reviewers, notes posters, developers, or forum moderators, they seem to genuinely desire to encourage and listen to us. They seem to seek to understand without judgement, even when the language and cultural barriers can present a problem. Many times I’ve quietly witnessed them calmly seek to understand an angry author. Way to go, Envato staff! :grinning:


Any takers?!?! :laughing: