Completely mystified as to why this was rejected

Any advice?

Every other song on the same album, which was mixed and mastered by the same engineer, was accepted. Not only that, it’s one of the favorites among people who hear the album.
There’s some distortion artifacts perhaps due to actually using analog equipment. But other than that I guess I’m a bit confused.

I can’t figure out why it’s been rejected either. I see nothing wrong with it.

I just had two of my songs that I worked feverishly on rejected too and with no explanation. I just received an email saying my two songs were hard rejected and that’s it.

I posted the songs in a forum post on my page if you care to have a listen for yourself.

Sorry I can’t be of better help to you, but this sounds fine to me.

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This is a song that stands on his own. Media music for sync needs to be supportive of other elements like video etc. It’s a different approach in terms of both composition and production.
My 2 cents.

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Thanks for the feedback!
Well that’s why I included the instrumental version. Sometimes creators do need music with a progression and narrative. The irony is that the song has been nearly selected on more than a few occasions for Broadjam opportunities. Went against some pretty stiff competition I think. It was only one of my other songs that beat it out lol (The Melancholy Slow Dance).
If anything, that song is even more of a “stand by itself” sort of track and was accepted and already got a sale.
Come Haunt Me is also along the same lines and has been praised up and down by fellow musicians, friends, family. That song was also accepted. As were almost all of the other songs on the album. Just waiting on one more (well, and Could I Not Love being the only rejected one so far).
More irony, I thought this was the most commercially viable track of the bunch due to its dance music sort of flare.

Got a response. It was now approved!
They said it was due to a “review verification error”
So, cool! I guess I was right in sending a ticket in for it haha
Usually I wouldn’t do that for a rejection. I was genuinely curious as to why it was rejected so I could learn from it and know in the future. But I guess it was a mistake lol

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Oh that’s kind of cool! Good you did that, and yeah we tend to try to come up with reasons why something was or wasn’t accepted. Good sales!

Great Lyrics Great Song great composed and good to see the response it getting because it deserves.