COMPLETED: Scheduled Downtime on Market

LOL. How we gonna live through this??

Good luck, @matthewcoxy and Envato team!

Good luck with servers relocation! All must be fine ))

@matthewcoxy I honestly don’t even believe for a second this is only going to be 4 hours, since 2008 any “scheduled downtime” you guys have done has gone horrendously longer than estimated…fingers crossed this time its actually on point.

Good luck man!

Thank you for the information. I hope the work will be successful!

Great new for the update -not so good for the downtime but it’s expected. Can we know if there is an advantage for the move like faster upload time, security etc?

Don’t lose the files huh ? ;-D


Thanks for your information

Good luck with this.

Truly Matt! People are running everywhere with their phones… Guess will join the gang :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for the importance of informing) Good Luck :slight_smile:

31 July is a withdrawals day. Will it go flawless?
Did I lose my money?

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Thanks for the info!

Hi All, I’m Patrick one of the Operations Engineers looking after the move and here to answer any questions not related to Pokemon Go

The move is more complex than adding servers, something we’ve done many times in the past with no downtime. Instead we’re moving the entire website, including all data, to a new hosting provider. This is a bit like George trying to move his frogger machine to a new shop, to keep his highest score

But we’d be doing it with real users data, including purchases. The risk of loosing any data is not one we take lightly, so we’ve opted for the safe option which does, unfortunately, incur downtime.

This is something I’m sure we’ll discuss in more depth after the move, either on webuild or a community blog post.


hello… another question. will this affect payments in August 15th?

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I am just writing to post about this - you are first :slight_smile:

if it would have affect payments they would have been the first to say this, in the announcement.
How can a hosting provider change affect payments ?!?
If they move their files and databases from one hosting to another, you will basically see nothing.

THe only thing would be improvement in speed, or on their side paying less for this new provider
and have more disk space etc. Files are the same, databases are the same, the code of their main website is the same.

Your question basically is “If I move from house A to house B, would I lose a particular credit card from my wallet?”

So the answer is definitely no.

Thanks for the information! Hope everything runs smoothy :slight_smile:

Although in this instance, the wallet (or at least some of the contents of the wallet) is in the house… and the removal company are moving everything from House A to House B, along with all the other contents… so no matter how unlikely, it’s not entirely outside the realms of possibility that something could be affected relating to payments.

Take my default payment address and settings that are entered, updated, and I presume… stored on the server. Surely it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine an outcome where my withdraw all earnings automatically every month’ setting might revert to the default manual withdrawals… and then I get nothing in August?

I’m not saying it will, that it’s likely it will, that anybody should worry, or I have any info to support that anything like that could or couldn’t happen… I’m just trying to illustrate the point that we shouldn’t instantly dismiss Trinity’s question as a pointless one.


I understand.

So Envato is basically moving its hosting from one provider to another
(don’t mind me, but do you actually know what a hosting company is?)

and you’re worried that, in this huge process of transferring all the Envato Market files and databases
with hundreds of millions of rows of data and hundreds of TB worth of size

…you might lose your “automatic payment” setting ?
or you might lose…money ?

It clearly states that you have no clue what-so-ever about this update @ Envato :slight_smile:

Let me enlighten you.
From what they say, they basically change the hosting provider.
This means that if you have your own website with some company where you pay a lot and get almost
no customer service back, you want to move to another company that does the same, host your files
so people can see your website when they type in, but this company gets
less money from you, because of their company policy, and you get faster access to your website
and also very good customer service.

This is what Envato is doing. Moving from a bunch of servers to another bunch of servers to another location :slight_smile:
They might also pay less with the new provider, that’s probably why they settled with them,
and they also might have better functions because this new provider has better technology.

So ALL this has nothing to do with whether you get paid or not, or also if you lose or not your default automatic payment setting.

A valid question would have been “if they do all this moving thing on , would my request of withdrawal on that same day be processed ?”. THat’d be a more proffesional approach of the matter that interest you.
And a very valid one.

Of course, you can always think that withdrawing the money on the day before they move will resolve all that.

So…relax, you’re not gonna lose your money, also I think it’s wise to withdraw from your balance days before they move the website to be on the safe side.

Since all this move will take 4 hours (mind me, I think it would take 1 day and a half, but I basically don’t care how much it takes since this is a company voted choice at Envato, and they’re doing them for their own sake and also for ours)…then after this time, all will be back to normal, meaning you can acces again the same Envato website with their markets. If all goes well, and I see no problem why it should not.

Basically I was annyoyed by your question, stating that Envato would hurt people’s money in the process, or affect in any way the payments. I think this is a total unprofessional question and that’s why I replied.

I hope you now understand more of the move they’re making. Just the files and databases and all other things from one place to another. That’s all.