Complaint about an author quality of template and non-support

When one has an issue with the downloaded zip file template not working as per the demo advertised on the Themeforest website, who do you go to when you don’t have a direct method of communication with Envato

After 2 weeks, I have had no response from the author except to send the query again to him!

The author is labelled an Elite Author by Envato, where is quality control excercised by Envato, I thought templates were vetted by Envato?

Files are reviewed by envato.

What exactly was the problem? Wouldn;t install? didn;t look the same? etc.

Have you read the documentation with the item

Assuming that you have contacted the author using the correct method and that they do support the item, if they continually ignore you then you can contact envato support, but it’s important to be clear on the issue first.

Thanks for your very prompt response Charlie, the author has just emailed me again, and asked for the same information that I have sent him twice before, I have sent it to him again, I will await to see what he does this time and get back to you.

Darren :slight_smile:

What’s the actual problem you are having?

While the author is the person to talk to it may be something simple

Hi Charlie this is a copy of the query that I sent the author…

Thank you for getting back to me, this is the third time that have sent this information to you, can you please look at this as soon as possible…

I recently purchased your Vixa theme which I am very pleased with, well done on some good work there.

I am having an issue however with the lightbox gallery, it works perfectly on your example website however it does not work on my new website. The image opens however there is no close button and no arrows to move the next item.

I am using the exact same page that is on your example site

This is the exact same unaltered page (direct from your unzipped files) uploaded to my server which does not work correctly…

And this is the page which I have created using some of the code from the works-box-grid.html page…

Could you please have a look at this for me as soon as you can as I have a deadline for getting this website ready for next week.

Many Thanks