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Looking to work with someone or company on developing a custom website that includes a custom ladder script and tournament script with built in admin section for settings/customizations. Wanting to get a few price quotes as well for full development

Ideally this would support multiple games and each game would have it’s own ladder settings (example: each team can only challenge up 5 spots, if they win they take the place of the team they beat and the team that loses drops down one spot, etc)

This website would have to include the following features.

Front end website (forums, news articles, upcoming matches, twitch streams, user profiles with custom fields, Single sign on)

Competition Section (ladder script, tournament script, custom admin section for management of each gaming/ladder/tournament, user profiles, team creation/management, team page, match page with reporting/upload feature and match comms, player profile page, supported game pages with news, listed ladders and tournaments to join.)

Hopefully you get the point… I’m not sure whether or not i what to code the site/script/etc in, but prefer ease of mgmt.

Thanks for any and all guidance and suggestions and offers!

Site Design:

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For such site you will need several month to make it and test it. It will need be custom made because you will not find out of box solution.
I am just working on similar site but not for games. For such site you will need to have good budget.


Probably the best choice for you is
Sent an offer to your email.


I have developed few complicated scripts like that. Please PM me, I can surely provide you a better solution for this job.