Compensation for the intentional license misuse

One of my friends from AJ asked me to share his story with you (he wants to be anonymous).

He had a problem with a big client who made a huge, obvious and intentional license misuse. This big company started to ignore him after few mails and kept using the track. They simply thought that a stock foreign composer is too small to fight for his rights.

So he hired lawyers and received a really HUGE compensation.

Be kind to your clients if they want to solve license problems (and they usually want to). Help them, because many license issues are unintentional and clients want to correct them.

But do not hesitate to take serious actions if client simply ##### with you…


Great reminder that we music authors have rights and we can enforce them. Congrats to your friend for defending themselves.


Can you tell the mail of this guy and his lawer please

Sure, I will pm you soon.