Compatible with Pardot?

Hello. I am trying to contact the author on this and another person, but I haven’t received a response. I wanted to know if this template was compatible with Pardot. Pro - Agency Email Newsletter Template.

Thank you.

Only author will probably be able to answer you on that.
You can try to send him a PM:

thanks! I sent two. Hopefully I hear something soon :slight_smile:

It won’t be built for Pardot, but it’s not usually that complex to adapt the HTML versions of emails to work with it (you’d need to do extensive cross client testing)

okay and thank you. I am a little hesitant to buy. Is there a way to find only pardot compatible templates from Envato? :grimacing:

It’s unlikely - Pardot is a bit too specialised for a stock marketplace that will concentrate on the more common solutions like MailChimp, Camping Monitor etc.

In my experience (not an official answer) Pardot works in a similar way by making small modifications to basic HTML. the issue is that every email client renders HTML differently so the only way to really know is to test it

Thanks again! That makes sense and yes I agree that testing would be best. I wonder if I can look into a refund then if it does not work for us…

You would need to be clear (in writing) that the author said it would work for that to be an option.

You can’t assume compatibility with each and every platform esp across all different clients

understood. thanks for your help on this.