Compatibility Kallyas for joomla- fabrik (J3.6.2-Fabrik 3.5.1)

The errors listed will only create with kallyas for joomla (not with other templates)

(JOOMLA 3.6.2 - FABRIK 3.5.2 - KALLAYS 1.5.2)

1 ) The ragruppamenti should open and close;

  1. The map is displayed with other template (now not used API KEY);

  2. The list display is not correct , the colors of the lines are altered compared to the setting of ccs of fabrik 3.5 by using it with other templates;

  3. If you use the fabrik component with repeated groups you can not add or delete a group. The template does not correctly inherit the ccs.

  4. Infocard does not change the background color.


Hello, could you help me again. thank you

I hope this is the right forum. Sorry use google translator