Comparing my rejected music track to the top sellers question

Hello all.
I have had a LOT of rejections for music on AJ although sold a few bits on other sites.
Example below

I do comparisons against the top sellers and can see their mix/ productions are obviously so much better.

I generally am interested as to whether this level of quality can be achieved on a relatively basic
setup? Do I need better equipment or better skills in producing this kind of music.
I use Presonus Studio One V5 mainly stock plugins but have bought a few VSTs plus I am multi instrumentalist.

I am trying to improve and would really like to get a little closer to the these top sellers in sound quality but kind of struggling to know a way forward.

Have a great day all.

Hey there,

I think this level of production you’re on at the moment is good enough for AJ. Sometimes the reviewer thinks the item is too artistic for a stock music website and therefore you get a rejection but overall I really believe the quality is good and you don’t need any new hardware to achieve the quality you’re striving for.

Focus on the arrangement when comparing and the FX used or transitions, because those are sometimes overlooked and they are not mentioned as a reason of rejection.

Yes you need more skill, I need more skill and we all are always learning. I think if you make many tracks and apply new techniques and practice everytime you will get closer to your goal.

You do create some really good music, keep it up! :wink:

All the best,


Hi Michael.
Many thanks for taking time to write such good advice and feedback. I very much appreciate it. I guess it’s a case of keep going and trying to improve all areas!!

Btw, very much like your style of music, very epic with lots of energy!!

Best regards


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Hi there! Track is really good, but I hear terrific hi-end noize almost everywere in this track . I’m sure you didn’t want this sound in your track and this is reason for rejection.

No problem mate. Glad I could provide a little bit of help and thank you so much for taking the time to check my items, it really does mean a lot to me.

Cheers :wink:

Hi @Hot_Dope . Thanks for the great feedback. Very much appreciated.
Could you explain what you mean by hi-end noize please? . I am very aware of my limitations in mixing …etc so would be great to understand this so can try to fix it. Does that mean too harsh or trebly? I must admit I do struggle to keep my mixes from being too muddy so might be why I end up with this hi-end problem.

Thanks once again and have a great day.

You have some great pieces on AJ @Hot_Dope … very big and epic sounding too!! Really good!

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Thanks for kind words!) By noize I mean some glitchy sound. It’s like “pzzzz” on very hi frequencies. Try to listen your track on different gear.

Many thanks @Hot_Dope for the quick response and the explanation … as you suggest I think I need to listen on different gear as at the moment I have fairly good monitor speakers and my mobile and that’s pretty much it. Of course, my actual ears may not function as well as others too! ;0).

I will keep trying to improve and your feedback really helps me on this so thank you again.
Best regards