Company podcast website with search engine

Hi, sorry for bad english

I’m a graphic designer, and not a dev. I’ve some basic skills, but whatever.

My company has a podcast with a LOT of episodes. My boss wants a website where people can search contents within the episodes. A database, let’s say.

Mark wants to know if and in which episodes the podcast talked about, for example, apples. Or soccer.

So Mark type “apples” or “soccer” in the search bar. Or he navigates through the directories: Food > Vegetables > Apple; Sports > Soccer.

In the results page he can find all the episodes in which there was talk of apples, or soccer.

(Obviously we already have a log with all the contents and the timestamps, etc).

There’s a template that’s right for me? Maybe a Wordpress directory/listing?

Thank you!

You definitely don’t need something as complicated as a directory. Any theme with categories and/or tags should be able to do this.

You could even look at a search plugin to work with another theme that can house your episodes

Something like this?

Maybe this Roogan – Audio Podcast WordPress Theme looks like you can use tags/categories to sort episodes then you could create a navigation or search widget to operate it