Company licese, Team and Enterprise

There is a team and Enterprise for the subscription method, is the difference between the number of people?

I’d like to know the subscription price of Enterprise.

Is there no problem with the license if I use Evnatoelement as a team subscription in one team (2 people) of the company I work for?

Do I have to subscribe to Enterprise because it’s a company that’s not a freelancer?

For example, there are three teams in the company, and each team has three people, two people, and four people. In this case, is it possible to subscribe to each team and use it?

Or do I have to subscribe to Enterprise since there are more than 5 people?

I think you can go with Team or Enterprise as you like best suit for you.

If you check pricing page you will see in Enterprise plan included:

Everything in Teams, plus:

  • Custom licensing
  • Tailored indemnification
  • Dedicated account management

For more info you can contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.