Como faço para vender o betheme ?

Como faço para vender o betheme ?


Thanks for asking your question.
But if you explain in English you will get answer quick.


Hi, @JJDesigner77

The BeTheme and most themes available on Envato Market cannot be resold:

Themes and plugins sold on Envato Market are sold under a default split license. This means authors can protect their rights and freedoms to respect (and comply with) the GPL as well as to control their own work.

Envato Market’s license for themes or plugins sold on the Envato Market sites covers all the components of these items, except for the specific components covered by the GPL. This is why it’s called a split license: because different license terms can cover individual components that make up a single item.
The PHP component and integrated HTML are covered by the GPL. The rest of the components created by the author (such as the CSS, images, graphics, design, photos, etc) are covered by the Envato Market license.

You can read more here: