Community Superstar Hall of Fame ⭐

We wanted to make a place to record and highlight all our wonderful Community Superstars both past and present.

I’ve been recording and interviewing our Superstars since all the way back to Envato Notes (if you remember that site). Unfortunately with the passage of time Envato Notes has come and gone and we’ve lost some of our superstar write-ups. But hopefully we’ll be able to recover as many as we can and showcase them here.

If you are interested in joining the rank of Superstars (which also comes with an ultra rare badge) remember that Superstars a selected for being helpful, friendly and awesome members of our community. So get out there and be awesome :smiley:

So here they are, our Community Superstars!


Congratulations to @Ladanauskas!

Nominated by @AurusAudio, this Author has actively pointed out several pricing glitches which have then been promptly solved by Envato staff.

It’s great to see someone looking out for other Authors in such a proactive way.

So, congratulations @Ladanauskas!



Congratulations to @Patchesoft who contributed this incredibly raw and honest article to Community.Envato this month. It’s so important that we have people starting conversations about topics like this as it reminds those going through the same thing they’re not alone.

Please join me in congratulating @Patchesoft!


:star: Congratulations to @OlexandrIgnatov! You are our Community Superstar for May, 2016!

Olexandr recently posted a two hour walkthrough video tutorial detailing how he put together this incredible dubstep track:

It shows a fantastic trust in other creators to be revealing your secrets to success to the rest of the community, and this in-turn exemplifies the exact qualities we want in a community member: sharing value to help everyone grow.

You’ve done a fantastic job with this tutorial Olexandr and I think the rest of the community appreciates it.

Well done! You’re our Community Superstar! :star: :star: :star:

Check out @OlexandrIgnatov’s tutorial below (It’s already got over 5,000 views!):


Congratulations to our three community superstars for the month of June! (I apologize this is a little late :grin:)



@THEMECO’s Kyle Wakefield took some time last month to address the fragile subject of review queues in an incredibly constructive and helpful way. The way this successful Author could share his experience and put things into perspective was eye opening and inspiring, and an example of exactly what makes our community special.

Congratulations Kyle. :star:


With an impressive number of nominations by various community members @ilmosys also becomes a community superstar this month thanks to his helpful contribution to the community in the form of his article on web design style guides that was published on the community blog recently.

Well done! :star:


And finally, congratulations to @LuckyBlackCat who was nominated for some fantastically enthusiastic and positive contributions to our forums.

Well done! :star:


Many congratulations to our latest Community Superstar, abstract-labs!


Abstract-labs has been super active and incredibly helpful in the new forums since we launched last month. There’s nothing like diving into the deep end with new product launches and abstract-labs has not only dived into our new forum software bust has been swimming lengths quite beautifully!

With over 100 posts already, he’s received 35+ “likes” for his friendly responses and help. Thanks so much for embracing the new forums and helping fellow community members along the way, @abstract_labs, these kind of things never go unnoticed! :thumbsup:


Many congratulations to our September community superstars!

Loopus for creating the amazing virtual community Leaf City!


##Stockwaves for sharing helpful author advice on focusing on quality over quantity.


Many congratulations to our latest superstars, your Community superstar badge has been awarded, be sure to wear it with pride! :star:

Many congratulations again to our latest superstars! :slight_smile:


Many congratulations to our October community superstars!



For working with the community in a proactive way and trying to help promote Envato Market content of other people’s work via the Web and social media.



For being incredibly helpful throughout our forums - responding, assisting, supporting/“liking” other people’s posts - what a champ! SpaceStockFootage also went the extra mile by sharing information and helping answer lots of community questions regarding the important tax and withdrawal changes affecting all authors.

Many congratulations to our latest superstars, your Community Superstar badge has been awarded and we salute you both!

Many congratulations again to our latest superstars! :star:



For writing a sensational three part series for called “Marketing for the Market” covering why social media is a waste of time for authors, why the email marketing still works, and how to build a targeted mailing list.

It was our first series on and was incredibly well received by the community.

Congratulations @AmigoProductions


For providing great details on the tax changes to other authors.

Congratulations @SeventhQueen



For promoting authors’ items on his website, increasing sales for other authors, and profits for himself, showing us what an affective affiliate looks like. He’s also started contributing to with great enthusiasm.

Congratulations @OsamaSayegh

Congratulations to our latest superstars!

Your Community superstar badges have been awarded, so, be sure to wear it with pride! :star:

Congratulations again to our latest superstars! :smile:


Many congratulations to our November community superstars!



For tireless support and feedback in the forums, often encouraging and motivating fellow authors. Over 100 replies in November alone and lots of love and likes both given and received. Aurus isn’t just immersed in community life here, he’s living and breathing it each and every day!



For sharing expertise and helping answer community questions throughout the forums. Most notably however, for providing lots of detailed feedback to fellow Romanian authors in a dedicated thread about income declration. Thezoc was so helpful in November in fact that he now holds the record for most Community Superstar nominations from community members!



For sharing an incredible and inspiring personal story with the rest of the community to highlight how patience, perseverance, and love of design, has helped Arnab attain his professional dreams.

Many congratulations to our latest superstars, your Community Superstar badge has been awarded and we salute you all!


It’s been a while but we’re happy to kickstart our Community Superstar program. We have so many awesome members of our community and we really want to highlight the things you do!

So I’m excited to announce February’s Community Superstar @CocoBasic


CocoBasic has been a member of our community for two years and is successful ThemeForest author with a perfect 5 star rating :smiley:

CocoBasic is always super helpful on the forums and is always quick to give an answer. From helping customers find the support they need to aiding new users become authors, your hard work is very much appreciated.

We hope you enjoy your awesome Community Superstar badge and thank you for all your hard work! :tada: :star2:


A huge congratulation to March’s community superstar @mgscoder


Mgscoder has been incredibly helpful in answering customer questions on our Customer Forums. So much so that we’ll being bringing them on shortly as a Moderator.

Mgscoder is a ThemeForest and CodeCanyon author(s) that describe themselves as a creative and dedicated group of individuals who love to create websites and web applications almost as much as we love our customers. In 2017 we have started on Envato. Since then we are trying to make excellent items for Envato valuable customers. We believe that our items can make your life easier, and that makes us very happy.

Congratulations @mgscoder :tada::tada::tada: We hope you enjoy your awesome Community Superstar badge!


Big time congratulations to this month’s Community Superstar @RedOctopus :tada::tada::tada:


@RedOctopus has been incredibly helpful by putting together some great resources for AudioJungle authors.

Here’s a few words from RedOctopus :smiley:

I am an AJ composer known for percussive tracks and flexibility in creating other genres. I try to be an active local community member (I am the Warsaw meetups coordinator) and global as well focusing on networking, educating other authors about our complex industry and giving staff members feedback about potential improvements. Right now I’m in the process of creating AudioJungle Community Guide which collects the knowledge about various issues from our industry based on my experience, forum posts and other users feedback.


Congratulations RedOctopus :tada::tada::tada: We hope you enjoy your awesome Community Superstar badge!


A big shout out to our July superstar winner @PurpleFog ! :tada::tada::tada::star2::star2::star2:

If you’ve spent anytime in our AudioJungle or Audio customer communities, you’ve probably noticed PurpleFog. He’s the one probably answering all the difficult questions on AdRev or ContentID :smile:

Check out PurpleFog’s portfolio here!

Congratulations PurpleFog :tada::tada::tada: We hope you enjoy your awesome Community Superstar badge!


A big congratulations to our newest Community Superstar @themepunch


In their over 7 years of being an author, ThemePunch has provided highly-customizable and easy to use items not only for customers but for other authors as well, including their famous Revolution Slider.

But it’s not just for their great items that they’re our Superstar. ThemePunch really knows how to deliver quality support right here on the forums.

While the authors are certainly active on the forums, you may not realize that the vast majority of traffic coming into the forums is from customers. That means a lot of customers are looking at the forums for help on items they’ve purchased or looking for recommendations on what they should buy.

Using our handy saved search alert, authors like ThemePunch have been able to be alerted any time their items are mentioned on the forums and have been quick to offer support or direct the customer on how to get support. This looks great in customers eyes and builds confidence for subsequent searchers!

Here’s what ThemePunch had to say themselves:

We appreciate being selected “Community Superstar” a great time and our whole team at ThemePunch feels honoured!

We know many companies let community work take a back seat to the daily demands of running a business. For us the community around our plugins and the Envato Marketplaces in general plays a major role.

It became a vital part of our support jobs to show the community that we really care for them by being available if they have all kinds of questions.

Cheers from Your Team @ ThemePunch

Congratulations @themepunch and their team of @ThemePunch-Support-K and @ThemePunch-Support-I :tada::tada::tada: We hope you enjoy your awesome Community Superstar badge!