Community Events add-on to Calendarize It plugin for Wordpress

I’m building a Network of multisites in Wordpress (offline) and noticed that the Community Events add-on only applied to one of the networked sites, the one I was working on when I downloaded it. Can this add-on be networked across all the sites at once, or do I have to buy it for each site?

Also, because it’s a grand experiment building these sites and networking them together, how can I transfer the plugin and add-ons to other sites that I’m working on but are not live yet?

If I have to keep buying the plugin and the add-on repeatedly, it’s going to get too expensive and I may not use the sites I’m working on. I may start over. Can I just continue to use the license key you sent across all sites that I’m building?



Envato purchase code is the key of License and it’s unique. each purchase code can be used only for one end product/website. So, for each unique website you have to purchase unique license. If you would like you can contact item author or post your query in item comments. Author will reply you.