Communications Portfolio / Gallery


I’m looking for a plug-in to my Wordpress site (or a new theme all together) on which to place my Corporate Communications portfolio.

I have graphic design samples, PDFs of multipage booklets, writing samples, etc. All of these can be PDFs or JPGs. I don’t it to have a simple to use presentation so that it’s not looking like a huge overwhelming grid of stuff, but organized neatly and cleanly without being overkill.

Any suggestions?


Hello dear friend.
There are many plugins and themes which can satisfy your requriements if you only want to publish your corporate portfolio try to look for portfolio category of themeforest. and if you want to organize your whole content in single page you can checkout some of nice single landing portfolio pages…

Many portfolio themes comes with plugins to satisfy basic process wrapper for portfolio… try to purchase theme from reputed author they will ensure performance and security…

Happy Wordpressing… :smile: