Commercial Quality Rejections

Hey y’all this one was hard rejected. I renamed it an english name “Testimony of the Ancients” so it was not rejected because of the title.

So what else is wrong with it?


The quality of the items is pretty good so I would see more of a problem with the commercial utility and the title. As its and hybrid between classical and cinematic. Also to make it fit into a commercial site like Audiojungle I would try to compress it more, (although I already like it this way)

Take a look at the tracks in any category, 99% of them are named only after the style and mood of the song like: Inspirational Epic Piano, Cinematic Emotional, Motivational Corporate, etc.

Hope it helps!


Thank you so much!

hard rejected for the title?? :thinking: it’s not usual… this could be “soft” rejected. Once this happened to me, AJ team told me, please change the title and submit again… :sweat_smile:
It’s more like two different curators, two criteria…
Good luck! :smiley: