Commercial Quality rejection

Hey guys,

Just looking fo help as to why this was rejected? That way I can improve on my next track. I really appreciate any comment

I wouldn’t worry too much just find another home for it, I had a track rejected this week that used to be published by BBC News theme guys publisher which I repurposed for AJ. Some of the decision making is :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just write something else and move on now :grinning:


that sounds awesome… can’t hear anything that would sounds off.
I second @FlossieWood, find a place that apreciates your music!

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I am really shocked that this fantastic track was rejected - if only all the music on this website was at this standard.

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I don’t understand why was this rejected… This track is just AMAZING GOOD!

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WOW ! This track is just AWESOME !!
I think the reviewer was just jealous !


Nice track. I think the reviewer alerted the toms (like at 1:04) since he could not notice the distinct rhythms then the final decision was dynamic drops (volume fluctuations due to compressor or manual) at the chorus.

I think the hit at 1:37 is quite loud, the drumming could be improved at the end, good track overall!

Thanks man for your advice I really appreciate it!

Hello @Drmckeon ! In my opinion this is a very good track, it sounds amazing! :+1:
Good luck!

Thank you man, I really appreciate your comment.

Great track, really bad decision from the reviewer. Just upload it in other market.

Thank you so much for you kind word my friend.

Thank you, thank you I really appreciate your feedback.

Lol, I guess that will remain a mystery. Thank you for the feedback.

I was feeling that too. Especially when the choir comes in. It loses its power a little bit. Thanks for the feed back I really appreciate it.

I agree with your review. I should of brought the percussion out more during the backend. Oh well. Guess my next track will have to be better.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks man I’ll check out the sites that you suggested. Thanks again mate

Hi! the track is really creative and it is so powerful. But I think it was rejected because of too much dynamics. I would try to develop a new more standard and stable mix. Anyway congratulations for such great job! :slight_smile: