commercial quality nonsense

sifting songs under the pretext of commercial quality. you have no respect for labor. I’m a sound engineer, you’re gonna teach me about quality. The audiojungle is finished for me.

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If your track is of high quality production wise, it doesn’t mean it’s commercial enough for this particular place. You could show your track and maybe somebody would say something about your particular case.


music is global. under the guise of commercial quality of the editor rejects a lot of people can buy the song. the customer should decide.

it doesn’t matter anymore. How to turn off my account

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I think you just found the wrong place for your music. There are a lot of places it could be: AJ is not the one and the only stock-music market place. There are production music libraries that are seeking for new music. There are artists or even game designers that are looking for a composer and sound designer to collaborate. Gazillions of ways your music could come to its listener. But this is not this place, sadly.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean anything in this business. The only thing that matters is whether you are capable and willing to make music that is suitable to this particular market.

So is food. Yet you would not try to sell steak in a vegan restaurant.