Comments / getting involved with the AJ community

Hi guys!
I only have a few items here but want to have more and be more involved with the
community here.
I noticed that some authors leave a nice comment on a new upload.
I enjoy leaving nice comments too when I like a track, is there an unwritten etiquette that says we should leave a comment on the page of someone doing it for us?
it sounds like an awkward question I understand, I just don’t know how the community
works here and would be grateful to hear about it from experienced authors here…cheers!!

Hi @kittykatssounds

I’m happy to hear when members want to be involved with our community!

You can have a look at this thread here: Feedback 4 Feedback where Audiojungle authors are discussing a similar topic, maybe you could join them?



brilliant thanks hevada for your answer, will check it out! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums Kittykat :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is any particular etiquette involved in commenting on tracks. If you feel like making a comment, it’s a nice way to compliment someone’s creation, but feeling forced to seems to me to defeat the purpose.

The thread that @hevada recommended is a kind of arranged tit-for-tat “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your’s” deal that you can get involved in if you like. (I have to say, it can be quite an exhausting experience and I’m not entirely sure exactly what the gains really are), but outside of that thread, I don’t think there’s any unwritten rule that says you must reciprocate if you receive a nice comment.

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Cheers criskcracker!
I suppose I was surprised by how spontaneously nice other authors can be…that’s a good sign!
On some social medias, other musicians would rather cut one of their arms than comment something nice!
It always baffled me as an attitude since we are all supposed to be music lovers and carry each others if
we can…so I suppose to be in a friendly benevolent atmosphere here took me by surprise!
thanks for your answer!!