Comments...Are they important ?

What do you mean Robert -

It’s cool if someone actually means it and actually listens to the track they comment on.
However, i see many “GLWS” comments and “great job” copy and pasted on many comment sections of various authors.

People seem to think it helps to get your items trending, I don’t think it helps one bit.
I have 1 item that has been trending 5 times now and it only has 3 comments.

So why people copy/paste comments i have no idea… but i doulbt it will help sales.

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The comments = trending thing seems to be a very persistent myth :wink:

There shouldn’t be any direct effect on trending status from comments. There might be an indirect one if lots of different people are visiting the item page to leave a comment… but that’s more related to how the system identifies items that are bringing in lots of new traffic, and not a function of the number of comments left on an item.

The major things that comments help to address on other marketplaces are probably a bit less relevant for AJ - complex items like WordPress themes or After Effects templates generally have a lot of support questions (pre- or post-sale) left in comments. Those discussions are also used as a trust signal for buyers: similar to an item that has a very low rating, items that seem to have serious ongoing problems raised in the comments are also less likely to be purchased. The flip side is also true - many authors successfully make sales because the buyers feel reassured that they’ll receive a good level of service, based on what they can see in previous comments.

Audio tracks can still benefit from those to some extent, but it’s less vital - customers can hear the preview, and see whether the download will include things like alternative track lengths. There are fewer moving parts from their perspective, and so there’s less need for support questions.


Great post. Good luck with replies and likes.

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Hi @BenLeong ! I would like to know. Some buyers (on the forum) asked a question for the volume of the preview file. They seem to be more convenient at different volume levels to immediately select tracks for the video and announcer (without downloading the preview). Will this be introduced?

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Hi @CleanMagicAudio. I’m not sure, but I can ask our developers :slight_smile: Could you send me a link to that topic?


Personally, I’m very pleased when they leave comments to my track! Even if it does not play any role for sales, it’s still very nice in the first place :heartbeat:


Well basically, people think that comments on their item equals a possible trending item.
So you have people who just spam “GLWS” on as many as possible items, hoping to get a comment in return, so that their item can achieve the almighty trending status.

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I just leave comments on tracks I like.
And i have to do it more often.


It makes more sense than my previous statement (above) the fact that traffic only can generate a trending status and not comments alone, yet the item I was talking about had 0 sales, lots of comments (around 80) - and the track was not an instant net sensation by the way, which made me realise that that was some kind of a group of authors helping eachother getting a trending item.

Now, ok, I generate traffic on an item (lets say I have a facebook grup with 1000 members) and bring them on my page, some of them are authors and leave me comments also, some of them just click and exit and so on…my question is: if there are no actual sales on the item or any other item on the market from those clicks, isn’t trending status easy to obtain (and maybe in an abusive way) without bringing actual revenue and just from fake traffic?

Thank you


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Yes. Correct.

That is why the trending function is completely useless and wasn’t very well thought through to begin with.

Unfortunately, if you give someone a way to abuse the system, they will. Even more so if they don’t have to spend $$$ to do it.

Any system that rewards views, likes, traffic, shares, ratings without buying, etc. etc. is going to be abused. It’s a sad fact, but still a fact.

Solution? Only let buying customers decide what is good/trending and what’s not.


I’m pretty sure every sale is considerably more important than all those other things… so you can game the system slightly, but new items that are selling well will always trend more than new items that aren’t selling well… even if everyone is checking them out and commenting on them.


An item is either trending or it’s not. Not more or less.

Since several items with 0 sales were trending (after inflating views/comments) it’s pretty safe to say that that had a pretty big effect.

Then what dictates the item that comes at the top of the list when searching by trending?

Probably some of the stuff that always dictates placement.

As of right now, I can only see a total of 22 trending items. So placement doesn’t really matter too much as long as it’s trending.

And #2 has 0 sales. Zero. None. Ranked #2 for trending items. Out of all tracks + sounds.

Let’s see why? Oh, it has 44 comments… 44 very genuine comments. :sunglasses:

After some quick detective work the author has commented on almost all authors who left a comment. Surprise surprise!

And, on top of it all, the item is a week old. Still 0 sales. Perfect system.

By spamming comments, and probably using a Facebook group or something like that, they cheat their way to top visibility.


Well, if anybody actually uses ‘trending’ to search by… I’m pretty sure it’s just authors who do!

As my one of item trends a lot(20days in a month) . I am sure trending is the direct proportional of no of visitors. (not sales or comments.

You’re pretty sure about a lot of things… that you seemingly don’t know too much about. :grinning:

Anyway, used or not, staying at 0 sales or not, being able to cheat your way there is wrong. Do you not agree?

Sure thing, Batman.

Very good example @Flumen

Why would that track appear in the search system in front of yours which is also at least as good as that one? Maybe customers do look into trending pages and actually buy from there… I’m just saying that getting in front of others just for having a grup of people commenting ‘good job’ and clicking like crazy on that page without actually making money - the purpose of this market (this is not the facebook wall) is just not fair game and this matter should be a concern for envato.
An item that makes a lot of sales in fast time makes sense to be trending, of course…but just for comments and views, its absurd and should not be allowed.