Comment section can be a good feature on Evanto



As an author i think having a section in our dashboard that group all our items comment can be helpfull. Let me explain my idea. When you have 1 item it is pretty fast and easy to write to your buyers but when you come out with 10 - 20 - 30 items sometime you write a reply to a buyers and you figure out 2 min later that you have forgotten to tell something important to that customer then you need to first remember from what product that comment was coming from and go in portfolio open the item go in comment then add your missing reply content. i think adding a section with all comments loged by recent order will be much faster and usefull.


Go to “Author Dashboard”


omg i feel so dumb now but i learn something that i will love thank you so much i didnt ever notice there is an option for all comments :smiley: thanks :smiley: