Comment Exchange

Hello, Everyone,
I need some feedbacks for my project, So I decided, the one who review my product, I will also review there product, and put a comment on there product.
This way we can help each other.
Comment should be provided whether it is negative or positive, but thus we can improve our product.

as for me , i always do comment the items that i like and u do not even need to have people commenting anything back, now if people really feel like i will be happy to read and answer, i think that this is a good thing for us all to get to know other authors and exchange, this is , apart from the forum, the way to create a true community indeed , now sometimes the problem is that we can say how we feel about something, but for me , for other marketplaces than GR , i do not feel i have a real expertise to do , i just say what i think about the product, period … lol

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We have 3 items below.

  1. 80 Round Borders Set with Circle Frames.
  2. 66 Coffee Shop Restaurant Hand Drawn Icon Sketches.
  3. 10 Vintage Labels & Badges Logos Bundle

We are looking for icon exchanges for 3 months , 6 months , 12 months.
You can remove it when time expired or your next item update.

Until now. We had 7 author’s item exchange collaboration. It works!
If you want to increase your item viewer and sals. It would be very welcome for sure.
Please do not hesitate to email me anytime.

Thanks you a lot!


By the way. I have reviewed your product. Good job.