Coming Soon HTML Template Rejected


I have recently uploaded Coming Soon RWD Template with option of countdown timer and alignment options.
That has been rejected as quality standard not met.
Can you please tell me specifically what has gone wrong so that I can consider that going forward ?


If you want to get feed submit your item demo at here(Envato Forum) people will give you feedback.


These are the two pages I built and the same is uploaded in my server.
Kindly check and let me know what quality missed here.


With respct, but your template is built on one image. This is not enough and too simple.
Your background should use CSS.

Thanks for your suggestion.
Its a CSS background only.

It looks like template without image.
Check approved items in this category to follow standards.

I can see the background.
Also, I am new here. What do you mean by approved items in this category ? Can you help to understand how to navigate it through ?

I see your background, but template should not be built on the basis of image.
I just deleted image to show you what the template looks like without image. The visual impact of your page is based on the background image and the transition, if any of these get updated the page loses what makes it unique instantly.

now I got you. I will keep all these in mind while I will be creating another one next time.
thanks much !

Feel free to ask for advice. We are here to help!