COMET THEME : wordpress update removed visual composer blocks

Wordpress forced an update on my site (Comet template) and now it has removed all the work I did in the Visual composer… is there any way to get these compositions back? Thank you!

Have you updated VC Extension as well?

I’m not sure how… i’m getting this message ’ Hola! Would you like to receive automatic updates and unlock premium support? Please activate your copy of Visual Composer.’ – is this the same thing?

your wordpress theme is some backdated if you check details page you will see:

  1. it is not ready for wordpress 5
  2. it is not compatible with latest version Visual Composer
  3. no mention about gutenberg so I think htis theme currently not gutenberg optimized

Note: before doing any update best practice is create a full backup first

So, I think you should to do anything beased on the above thing. If you are familiar with wordpress then you can go with your backup to make working back or contact theme Author. Otherwise I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.