Colossal Theme not importing sample data

This documentation says I should be able to install sample data on the Colossal Theme (

When I go to do so in the parent theme or the child theme, this error comes up: Invalid source dir: /www/wp-content/uploads/fw-backup/tmp/f

I’ve checked with my hosting provider and a forum on Github and they both have said it’s a Colossal Theme issue and Cactus plugin (see image)

Please let me know how I can fix this!

Thank you!

colossal issue|690x161

You should contact theme author about this

I have tried Cactus Theme’s support form and it says my purchase code is invalid (it was purchased two days ago so it’s definitely valid) and I can’t find another way to contact them.

You can try here in bottom right corner there is a contact form, or to try directly in comments section for item