Collector Badges working properly?



I like the idea of badges, but not sure they are working properly…or at least, the Collector Badges.

It shows that I’m a Collector Level 2…and under its description it says 10+ items, I just need 4 more to reach Collector 3.

However, I have purchased 46 products on the Envato Market.

If I only have 14 items according to the badge page, what is it exactly, that it is including? And why would it exclude 30+ other items (codes, graphics, design elements, video, bundles, etc.)?





Hi @Apokalupsis! Your badge is correct and I don’t think there’s any bug.

Level 2 is 10+ items and Level 3 is 50+ items. So you need 4 more items to get to Level 3 (you’ve purchased 46 items). Where are you getting “14” from just out of interest? Either way, hope this helps! :thumbsup:


Hmm…I think for some reason I just thought the next level was at 15 purchases total and my currently displayed badge was mistaken.

It may be displaying correctly after all. Thanks for explaining.