Collection Descriptions: We’re disabling links to deter spammers

Hello community!

Recently we’ve run into some issues with spambots exploiting our Collections feature for logged-in users. A number of spam collections are turning up with links to pirated material. With a recent ruling in the European Court of Justice, profit-making websites are expected to take “necessary checks to ensure that the work concerned is not illegally published”.

As a result, we’ll be disabling <a> tags in all Collection description fields until further notice, in an effort to deter the spammers.

You’ll still be able to add <a> tags to the descriptions; they just won’t be links when the Collection is viewed via it’s URL. Our intention is for this to be a temporary measure; as we investigate a more sustainable, long-term solution. Due to a number of other projects & improvements already in the pipelines we can’t give an exact date for a long-term solution. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.

Furthermore, we’re disabling accounts that are clearly only publishing collections containing high-risk spam content.

Have you been using links in your Collection descriptions?

I’d love to hear how you were using them.

What were you linking to?
How did these links help you?


Hi @ashb_en, any update on this?

Each of my collections is like a filter or category of my items, so I had handy little buttons on each collection’s description cross-linked between collections to help buyers navigate around my files. (I have now removed these buttons to prevent buyer confusion, as they were obviously linking to nowhere)

Since envato doesn’t have a category filter for portfolios, the ability to have links on collections was very helpful, I hope you manage to figure out a solution. Out of curiosity and because for me this would fix it, isn’t it possible to only allow links that point to envato’s own network?

@ashb_en Wow. I guess I need to remove all the buttons on my 68 “speed search” collections? That really stinks :worried:

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It was asked several times - we need tools for faster edits all our navigation tools. This is really sucks to manually edit all my descriptions on all my 300+ items.


A lot of Audiojungle authors were using buttons to crosslink between collections/music categories.

Since there is absolutely no navigation tools provided to authors, this was the only way to do so for us.

Your disabling these homemade navigation bars without warning, is a hard blow to authors!

Why not disabling external links only?

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So, what is the purpose of being able to use <a> tags if the links will not work ? (sorry if I am getting this all wrong) + What is a collection for if we aouldn’T be able to use links?

By the way ; please do whatever you can to fight piracy, and please don’T just wait for a new ruling from the “European Court Of Justice” - Piracy is piracy. We don’t need “rules” from EU to fight Piracy, right?

Plus, We have continuously sent messages to Envato Support about some abusing authors who blatantly copy other authors’ work too ; and by saying “blatantly copying” we really mean it… They copy the code, they copy the design, they even copy the “comment” sections of the code… And they are still doing the same practice again and again. They are also exclusive here and yet still selling at other marketplaces too…

But “all quiet on the western front”… YET, they still sell here. And you know what? They are also rewarded by being as featured authors, and with other ways, continuously and continuously.

This is sad, friends. Really.

@LumenMedia @PurpleFogSound @pinkzebra @sightsignal @Bedros

Firstly - thanks for your feedback. I’m really pleased to have heard from you.

I agree - linking to other Envato sites shouldn’t pose a risk; so I’ve asked the team to look into adding a condition to allow Envato domains in A tags to render as normal.

^^ Definitely! Prior to my original post we had already taken steps to remove piracy content published by spammers; as a result we removed several thousand spam collections and over 500 spam accounts.

If you haven’t already; I’d encourage you to read our help article on Protecting Your Copyright. In particular,

What to do when you’ve sent your DMCA?

Once you’ve submitted your DMCA notice it would be great if you could tell us about it via the Help Team and include a copy of the DMCA notice you’ve sent.


Hi and thanks for your reply @ashb_en ;
We have already read the same documents thousands of times (copyright, DMCA, etc.)

  • The abusive author is copying the other authors’ work, and doing it so shamelessly that even the “code comments” are exactly the same let alone the design itself.
  • The abusive author is doing the same abusive behavior continuously. It is not once, or twice. Continuous abusive work. A lifestyle.
  • Authors who want to protect their hardWork contacted with EnvatoSupport many times about this kind of abusive behavior. They sent DMCAs
  • And this author(s) is/are still selling here + being rewarded in many ways as I have stated above (also selling elsewhere while still being “exclusive” here).

What would you think?

That would be great! Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that I understood what kind of links in collections descriptions you’re talking about here. I guess I’m not using it :slight_smile:

What I use is just a straight links to collections which I use for a Search Accelerator on my profile page and that’s all. I know a lot of other authors use the same system to structure their items by style/mood.

So will any change be applied to that?

You’ll still be able to link to collections from your profile page. Some authors would add links to other collections within a collection so as to create a coherent navigation system (for instance, when a user is checking the “corporate” collection, they can click a button to get to the “cinematic” collection). This is what has been affected.

^ So, what’s wrong with doing that ? That’s not “spam”. That’s just offering “options” to a possible customer inside the marketplace, right? @ashb_en

Indeed, and that’s why @ashb_en said they would try to allow internal linking.

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^ But still, “internal” links are not working, right? (same on your side too?) - i.e. I am still not able to link to my products from my collections page. Should we add the links manually again, or the “activation of the links” will be all automatic?

^ Any news about this?

^ Still no news?

Yet no news?

Hello @Envato Team,

Today I started to clean up my sound effects file and put all the human sound effects into this collection.

Problem nr 1: When I edit a sound effect and I assigned the sound to a collection, altough in admin it looks like it is assign in frontend it isn’t . After I added 31 items in my collection I found out that I have to go in frontend and assign once again to the collection (this time it worked )

Problem nr 2: Now that I have sounds in my collection I tried to give it a proper name (not just Human as it is now) and also add a image to the collection.

It isn’t working. I opened firebug and tried to find out more so that I can give you more relevant informations. In firebug nothing is happening … no request no warning nothing …

Here is a print screen

As you can see the button is grey and nothing is happening …

I tested only in my current browser (Mozilla 49.0.1, windows 10)

Our dev team are aiming to deploy the exception to allow links to content on Envato domains at some point this week. I’ll update this thread when the update is complete.

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Thanks a lot.