Colleagues think you will take the track? REJECTED??

I am curious to know what others will say…
I like the composition, very nice chords and ambiance… The only thing is the muted guitar, to me it does not blend well, it really does not sound “organic”, it is way too robotic. I am sure you can keep the same sound, it is not bad, but you should add more volume (velocity) changes, maybe add some EQ, filters, modulations, to blend this sound more in the rest.

But otherwise… the track is really nice to me, and I can easily see it on a video…

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What reason were given to you with the email for rejection?
Was it mix or not enough quality arrangment?

There was no refusal, I think with you I will advise before sending .Because lately, some have been rejected

I am afraid they don’t give any reason these days…
This is a thing that baffles me… I think most of us would at least know if it is the mix, or the composition itself…

And now?

You changed the arpeggio as well… it sound a tiny bit better, but I still have the feeling this muted guitar is not as good as the rest which is really really nice to my ears :slight_smile:

In fact I face the exact same problem, and I solved it by playing some real guitar and blend the two sounds.

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I am sorry… but you need more advices, this is just my opinion, and I find your track is really excellent, I love the ambience - and to my ears this guitar is not as good as the rest… If the rest was not so good, maybe I would have said nothing :slight_smile:

Now I am not sure I have understood: did they reject the track? Or do you want to send it and you ask for opinion?

yesterday posted 2 versions

Hello Alexsandrovich, now I understand that you want an opinion before uploading.
It seems to me a track that can work very well in the pop category. I really like it and i think it will be positively reviewed and accepted for sure.

You have uploaded two versions and the one I like the most personally is the first one. The mute guitar riff is very good to me I love it although I think you could somewhere in the middle of the song remove it or put it far behind just to avoid it being so repetitive.

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Thank you friend!

I sent in the corporate category

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not scary?)))))

So cool! good luck for your track. I really like it…Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hello Amigo! What do you think is the move to ARRANGEMENT?

I still like the first song more. I would not complicate my life. the first version sounds simple, cool, emotional and sexy. My only idea was that the guitar riff make it a little less repetitive with a little filter or something like that. But overall the first one is a wonderfull track
This last version for me is too complex melodically and I do not like it. It is just my opinion i hope it helps :slight_smile:

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What do you think will approve the track?