Colleagues please explain why REJECTED? THANK YOU.!!!!

Colleagues please explain why REJECTED? THANK YOU.


I said it in another post as well, but I will do so again: I am no authority. I still have to upload my first song, so maybe I am not the right person to listen to.

But if I am guessing to why you received rejection, I can only think of two things:

1: composition. You have a track that is mainly build on one loop/riff. I can imagine that AJ would like to see more variation in a song, in order to offer a better use for the final customer. Think of some breaks, a bridge or change up the melody at some point or throw in snares and cymbals. It will make it more interesting to listen through the whole song and makes for better use when you want for (for example) to edit a video to the music.

2 (also) composition: consider a build up. You start off with the kick and the chords for your song that then playout through the rest of the song. But strip it down a bit, make it build up.

Other than that, I like the idea. If you play it out a little different I am sure you can make something sell-able out of it :).

Cheers and goodluck,


I like the original composition! Maybe the main muted guitar should enter a bit later, so things “build up”.
You have made variations, but maybe at some point you should mute (!) the mute guitar, I don’t know.

But I am listening with headphones, and something is a bit off with the mixing,
I had to reach the controls of my soundcard as I had the feeling a kind of “surround” mode was activated, doing strange things with spatialization?

Maybe it is just the reverb, I think you overused it, and you might try delays instead, for instance on the muted guitar, delays can make wonders, and you can then reduce the reverb drastically.

Hope this helps, and this is just my opinion, though :slight_smile:

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