Just wondering if anyone would be interested in collaborating on some tracks? Musically speaking, I am pretty strong as a composer, and unique as well. I’ve never been into popular culture of any kind and so even when I imitate commercial music styles, it turns out to be pretty distinctive, which is advantageous around here. I am very good with melody, harmony, voice leading, texture, rhythm, and the like. I read and write music, and have perfect pitch, which a co-worker of mine once called “cheating” :grinning:

I use Bitwig, Reaper, and Mixcraft, but am open to other DAWs to make the process easier.

The thing is that right now I just do piano tracks because I just don’t understand mixing at all, and working 60-70 hours a week doesn’t afford the time to figure it out, and sadly there’s really no end in sight to this predicament. It’s depressing.

So, if anyone is feeling a bit stuck and wants to stand out, and wouldn’t mind teaching a guy how to produce, drop me a note.


Hi Nathan, I guess that is the main problem. If you want to learn mixing and all the stuff to get tracks ready for commercial purposes, I can predict, it is very time consuming. If you work 70 hours a week, please allow me the question: When you want to do all that stuff? Composing, learning mixing and mastering…Your composing talent and knowledge is advantageous, no doubt.

The next thing is, that we’re here in a very competitive market. I assume, that you’re reading in the forum from time to time. Maybe you’ve noticed, that many of the composers have problems actually to sell tracks for a reasonable price. If you want to collaborate with someone, that means, that the earnings of each license needs to be shared, which is not worthwile in the actual situation. I guess, most of the people here struggling with the actual situation and don’t want to invest a lot of time to teach you in mixing and mastering. Also I assume, that every teacher/teamworker could get the feeling in that critical situation, that there is no guarantee for success and the invested time was in vain.

Please excuse me for writing this to you so clearly. I hope you are not disappointed.


No offense taken whatsoever.

So far I have taken Andrew Huang’s complete music production course, and while it was fantastic in terms of modern production techniques, it was pretty short on detail concerning mixing. I am now taking the year-long Mixing with Mike bootcamp course, and am learning a lot there, however, he comes from an analog background and so a lot of his techniques and workflow come from a traditional point of view which may or may not translate to what we do. The publicly available lessons on YouTube are pretty fragmentary, and often not pertinent to mixing stock music, and more likely designed to generate clicks. I can hear what’s going on, but have not developed a framework or workflow for getting from point A to point B, so all I really need is the ability to ask some questions, see some practical demonstrations in our particular field, and everything else should probably fall into place.

In return, I don’t need the money for the tracks, and certainly it would be fair to compensate my would-be mixing coach with full ownership of the collaborative tracks.

Although I have just started out and sales have gone dead lately, my 1-minute piano tracks have sold for way over $10, and not because they are pristine examples of audio engineering :grinning:

So, like I said, if anyone wants to expand their musical vocabulary, drop me a line.