Colected money from old songs

Hello, guys! Once P.R.O. option ready to comming, after 4 oct, I wonder if we could register the old tracks to our local P.R.O. I mean, from a song released in 2015, with many plays on TV and radio, the money can be colected now in 2016? Or 2017? Retro-active? Because the splits, anyway, are sent (by ASCAP, GEMA, SESAC, etc.) to authors after one year from first play.

Yes, you may be able to do that, but I can’t guarantee it.

I’m in the process right now to collect retroactive royalties for a commercial that aired thousands of times over the last couple of years via a publisher who spotted it.

Got it. I’ll try with this, because I have a max license item with many many plays on tv and radio in Scandinavia in 2015. Thanks for your help.