Coding skills

I’m coding ever since the table layout was around, so regarding css & html I would say that I have a decent experience.

Recently I applied for a job as a reviewer on Envato. I got a small test.

  1. Evaluate a website from a design point of view
  2. Evaluate code

The message said that I have to do my best, and I don’t have to worry if I don’t answer correct.

Anyway, I know I’m not a graphic designer, that’s why I applied for WordPress reviewer (I know that the reviewer is reviewing and the graphic design, I just thought that the design is evaluated by a graphic designer and the code by a web developer)

Let’s move on to the coding

So the html was pretty simple. I couldn’t copy & paste the html so that I can put it in w3c validator so that I automate the checking, so I took every single code of line and evaluated

I think I didn’t missed any not nested tag, I found lots of problems regarding css & javascript(inline css, unclosed tag, inline js, trying to access a css class that was defined as id on html etc.)

The Envato answer was that my skills are not good enough.

So my question is… what could I have miss so that they are saying that my skills are not good enough ?
I can’t think of anything that can affect a decision like this for a simple html.

What is doing a new reviewer in the first 3 weeks, if is an “expert html”?
I just got the impression I didn’t got a fair job review

I know Envato is very busy, so that’s why I opened this topic, to talk about what could I have done wrong ?

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A WordPress reviewer needs to review everything from code to design. Not just code.

As I said I’m not talking about the design here. My question on this topic is what could I have not know regarding html ?

The more I think about it, the more I realise that they don’t even looked at my answers… they just told me that I’m not good enough go get rid of me…

About queuque, as far as I know from discussion here it is possible that Envato have different queque for design and code… and why I wasn’t tested for php skills ? A wordpress reviewer doesn’t need to evaluate and the php ?

The fact that nobody answered to my question is a sign that I’m right… unfortunally!

If the job requirements are for both “Design and Development” and your skills are only in “Development” then yes… you do not have the required skills for the job. A reviewer needs very strong design skills. The coding review process is mostly automated (who’s got the time to read every single line of code in an item?).

  1. As I said Envato told me that both skills design and codding are problematic, and as I said twice, I’m not talking about design skills because is possible that they are right, I’m only talking about coding skills, please read my previous messages.

  2. Maybe some of the work is automated but I doubt they automated everything … and anyway they said that my codding skills (html, css and js ) are not what they are looking for… read my previous posts, I think I was very clear about design and coding.

Thank you for your response!