CodexThemes activation (TheGem theme)

Hi, Im sorry I can’t contact CodexTheme support.
I have a problem, about the activation purchase code of the theme

When I try to update the theme it failed.

And I checked the theme activation code, I got warnings like the below:

“You have exceeded the max. number of activations, allowed by this activation key. Check your activations (E06)”

​I just have one website. But I think our web developer before using this code for another website. How we can resolve this matter? Because I cannot contact our web developer that builded our website. Can we buy a new purchase code without changing any contents of the website? Please your suggestions.

Thank you,


You can request for support directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page. The theme author will reply.

Yes, if you like to go with a new license then you can purchase a new license and can use for your website.


If we input that new license, my website will be not changed right? I mean the display everything. I just want to can update the theme

theme license never should to change the website content. You can ask the theme author about it.

to get auto-update features you can use Envato Market WordPress Plugin. This plugin helps customers receive updates to their premium WordPress Themes & Plugins purchased through Envato Market (ThemeForest & CodeCanyon).
you can download the plugin from here:

Ok thank you, I will try to purchase new license, then download that plugin.

@Komin_Banana Hi, yes, exactly, as mgscoder mentioned, you can purchase a new license, nothing will be changed or altered, everything will work in the same way. For any questions please do not hestitate to contact us via our contact form at CodexThemes's profile on ThemeForest

@mgscoder Thank you very much for your prompt replies!