coder / developer to integrate a full width audio player into opencart site

hi there

i am looking for a freelancer or somekind of developer with opencart in mind. i am creating an audio content based platform that i want to stand out. i would like to code into the website a full width audio player similar to soundcloud.

ive spent £40 so far on audio players that im not happy with. I am happy to pay if you name your price.

my site for reference purposes, please note its still in early development.

Kind regards

Sent you emails, anyone else ?

so far ive waited almost 5 days with no evidence of the finished product, then been quoted elsewhere $3000 to implement this feature. I really dont want my time to be wasted. is there anyone else that can fulfill this project, timely and complete ?

Let discuss on email, contact me at: {@}


sorry no more emails, if you wish to take up the project i would require you to state the time it would take you and your price here. its been almost 6 days since ultradesigns promised me a 2 day turnaround, accepted my money and so far hasnt produced any evidence of any sort and has ignored most of my messages.i understand people have lives, but to read messages and ignore them, take money and promise a time frame then not deliver a single thing.