CodePen Clone Or Like


Not really a codepen clone but something like that. Im not sure what you call… that. But it would be nice for running a private site among clients or fellow workers.


I Agree, a ‘Clone’ where members can do what they do on CodePen, for others to get the actual code to learn from - it is the ultimate learning tool for learners, and ultimate promotional tool for freelancers to get you’re (CC) Code out there for others to see, link to, go ape with social media ‘tweets’ ‘likes’ etc (of course you’d have to add social media to each ‘Pen’ so the creator can get his/hers code out into the world by other users, and eventually onto blogs, and eventually a collaboration would form if good enough - and you have a Coder/Designer collab team with a new website for their ‘Free’ Code, .js Framework, CSS3/HTML Code for super animations, advanced image-less CSS stuff, PHP/mySQL Code for certain uses (eg. WP snippets, Member Signup & Control Panel for simple cut and paste into you’re existing Script you’re working on, jQuery UI’s, jQuery Effects etc etc)

I would buy this, and it would have to have a premium option, but with something ‘MORE’ than what Offers, to stand apart from the competition of course, and maybe a list of ‘features’ in the admin area the site owner can choose from what the Premium User gets, and sets prices from here too… of course this would be updated alot IMHO as there will be a flury of cool idea’s from users once this Script is released.

Make it in PHP/mySQL Back-End IMHO & add a Templating System, like phpBB (lame example) so users can make their own templates to giveaway, use, and even sell - this alone will promote the heck out of the script itself. It will be huhgge amonst the developing and dev blog users. Especially if you can add which Premium Features you can decide on, and even better - making Premium Optional also, along with other regular features you can make optional in the Admin Panel, so every site is different. Making the code Color Coded is a DEFINATE Option, like on etc, and Text Editors on Mac & Windows that use indentation automatically (normal user option feature or click a ‘Hotkey’ instead for same effect) & colors for different keys, functional words (research a code editor for a LEGEND to go by) - optional normal user, if ‘NO’ it just used whatever color you input OR better select from jQuery Color Picker OR just plain ‘charcoal’ if getting too fussy…

This Way EVERY SITE WILL BE DIFFERENT. AND FOR DIFFERENT USES. Especially with a Template System, and Video or Step-by-Step Tutorials on how to create your own templates and besides the ‘default’ offer a ‘BARE TEMPLATE’ with just basics, to save on coding for the template creator for all the neccessary stuff like files named and ‘plain code’ already given, and essential code already put in, like META & any import stuff etc… you get this drift…

HOT IDEA… I Would BUY IT, actually, I know 10 bloggers who would add it to their BBPress Communities as a way to learn (another option, only allow certain members to be actual ‘coders’ the rest are there to ‘comment’ (add comments for questions and additions etc to the code by other coders looking on) and to LEARN and expand for their own uses… awesome for Freebie CSS/HTML type Sites. A Code per week. PLENTY OF USES.


Perhaps using this with customsations


Tried playing around with this and its nothing like what i need. Or codepen for that matter.



1 - (editor)

2 - (codepen clone)

krisfr said


1 - (editor)

2 - (codepen clone)

Thanks! Just what I was looking for!


Thanks for sharing, krisfr!