CodeCanyon's quality standards are a bit weird, bad experience with "elite" items

After I’ve published an item which was rejected after about two weeks, I’ve bought some other items on CodeCanyon.

Having gone through the code of one item that was made by an elite author I was suprised to see the actual code. The item itself looked very good, the design was good, the theme was responsive and the item seemed to be of quality. It had a good backend.

However, things turned out to be different. Looking at the actual code it appears the author used framework which isn’t good for the average person and requires both knowledge of languages and knowledge of using the framework. The code itself was quite unfriendly I would say. In order to extract bits of page data from html the author used a getbetween function instead of actual regex which turned out to be terrible as many websites change parts of their html code, and main parts of what this item was supposed to provide did not work, even on his own website.

Functions that were well documented with good comments were not even his original work but rather the framework’s part. And most importantly the code itself did not fully work. Some scripts did not work, and I had to check that code myself, which isn’t supposed to be a thing since I have support for that item and such main problems should not occure in the first place, so it’s needless to say the average person would not have a good time debugging it, nor did I considering everything.

And the item was posted in late 2017, and this author still has an elite author label. My own item did not have so many features, but I think it was very well commented, had a simple yet good design and was responsive.

After seeing othet items rejected by other authors, which some of them were good, and considering my own experience, I don’t know how to feel.

I have contacted the author but he hasn’t responded yet ( a day ago ).

Give a demo link to your plugin as you can.

The usage of frameworks is nothing to be frowned upon, particularly as it relates to themes or even things as backend settings panels or custom post types. In fact, it is encouraged by Envato.

Without frameworks, I would hazard a guess that half of the the items available on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon would not have been published and you would have to pay significantly more for items, if an author would have to code everything from scratch.

As for an “Elite Status” … this status has nothing to do with the (code) quality of an item, but is simply “earned” by sales volume, although one could argue that usually, only decently coded products will sell well enough to push someone into the “Elite” level. :slight_smile:

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I love your statement “only decently coded products will sell well enough to push someone into the “Elite” level.” As an Elite Author, I totally agree with this :wink: