CodeCanyon zip broken, not preserving folder structure.

Some of the users of my plugin are having an issue with the extracted archive not preserving folder structure. For example, instead of a file “index.php” being extracted to the directory “includes”, it extracts a file named “includes\index.php”.

Here is a screenshot from one user

As you can see, the filenames include their directoryname, instead of being in the directory. However, the ‘Licenses’ directory appears to work normally, this folder is added by Envato.

So is there an issue with how Envato is re-archiving my plugin? None of my testers are able to replicate this issue on any OS or Webserver, and the Envato reviewer doesn’t have any problem with their testing.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue?

How are you zipping the file? Envato doesn’t “re-archive” it, they use your original file.

Actually, AFAIK they do add the license files inside the archive.

I wish they did. :wink:

They do, if you download the zip for an item there is an extra “Licensing” folder inside it that was not added by the author.

Sorry but I am not able to find this in any of my 60 CodeCanyon downloads.

Edit: I found one but it’s only for a GPL item, it doesn’t contain any license key though. So I guess they really do edit zips. :open_mouth:

I already distribute a “LICENSE.txt” file containing the GPLv2 in the root of my plugin directory, but Envato still adds a “Licensing” folder with “GPL.txt” again. I’m fine with this, but it does show that Envato is rearchiving the plugin.

I and my testers however, have not been able to reproduce this problem with my release archive, or CodeCanyons archive.

However, users that have a problem with CodeCanyons archive, report no problems with an archive I give them to test.