[CodeCanyon] Your uploaded item Graphic preloader rejected



Hi I’m a french developer so I apologize in advance for my spelling. I have actually two items accepted on code canyon, I have recently upload a new one but it was rejected with this sentence :

This item has a nice concept, but doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item.

My upload is an Javascript-Ajax/php webpage preloader that display the status of the loading (progress, page size, duration…). The source code is in the norms, compatible with all the browsers, very easy to use. I have also wrote a detailed notice. The source code is clean (I have indented the code to make it more readable). I only uses the jQuery library.

I have look to the potential others projects who looks like mine but there are differents and generally for wordpress. I found no project like mine … Mine is unique.

doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved” -> What is the required functionality or features you want ?

I have made a website for this project, a video, a lot of things for the presentation of my project on codecanyon but it was rejected.

The website of my project : http://try.olympe.in/preloader/

So I really don’t understand the rejection of the Envato Team… What do you think about my project ? What can I do ?