[CodeCanyon] Your item, RCH Menu Cart for WooCommerce, has been rejected ??? May I know reason ?

[CodeCanyon] Your item, RCH Menu Cart for WooCommerce, has been rejected.

May I Know reason please so I will improve that.

You will have to provide a showcase/demo of your item. Otherwise we cannot tell you why it has been rejected.

Hello Team

I have included demo url but get again meassage.

## [CodeCanyon] Your item, " Menu Cart for WooCommerce" has been rejected

Please tell me reason so I fixed and upload again.

Thank you.

Hi, what I meant was that you should post a demo of your item here, in the forums, so that we can take a look.

Yes sure,

Please look a demo

Front url : http://rcodehub.com/demosite/food-menu-test/

Admin url:
Credentils for shopManager : username : shop123 and password : shop123

Thank you.

Thank you for the provided demo. I think the item got rejected because of several reasons:
it’s not unique - and by that I mean that it doesn’t offer any features (technical or visual) that can be a strong selling point. There are already several WooCommerce Cart plugins on the marketplace, that are very similar.
Design wise - things need improvement. It’s good that there are customization options for the mini cart in the admin panel, but all in all the design is lacking.

I think you should improve the design significantly, make it more modern, so that the cart can be easily integrated in most templates and not look weird.