[CodeCanyon] Your item, JM shop Multi-Vendor E-commerce - Complete eCommerce, Web, Manager, Delivery

An PHP script had been hard rejected today.

Here is the demo…


I invested last three months to develop this item. Reviewer even not go to live demo. How can they reject an item at least not checking the live demo?
Really need some feedbacks about the rejection.
Thanks in advance.

Did you complete the submission eg documentation etc correctly

This is not helping

I have already corrected all the errors, thank you for your help

Maybe a PDF like “Culture for uploaders (Authors)” would be great!

all errors are corrected successfully, thank you for your help

still the same problem, [codecanyon] rejected my project,

I can only see it on a mobile but -

  • every link in the menu other than home is 404 or 500 server error

  • most products on the home page either do not link anywhere, or share the same product info page

  • you can’t use trademarked product images

  • the general typography and hierarchy could all do with quite a lot of work

  • generally it feels very unfinished and unpolished and repetitively submitting with major errors can often lead to accounts being blocked

  • I get there’s a lot to this, but I also struggle a bit to understand why people would choose (any) commerce solution over the giant and established platforms for which themes are sold across envato

All errors are corrected, because the localhost job is the one that generates the errors (404,500), the header menu is set in the admin part,

the image below represents the menu configuration:

can you help me, why my script rejected knowing that all errors are resolved,

this platform has learned 3 months of work, (admin part, manager part, frontend part, documentation, portfolio)

thank you in advance